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Exit & Transition Planning

HighBank provides advice to business owners to help them prepare for the eventual exit from their business — on their terms. We assess the goals and objectives of business owners and develop an exit strategy that meets their objectives, whether by outright sale, stepped sale, recapitalization, merger, management buy-out or employee stock ownership plan.

The last decade has seen a significant increase in the volatility of the markets and a significant decline in the transparency of advice. As such many business owners and executives have fallen into a trap.

  • When times are good, most people think and act like the good times will never end
  • When times are not so good, most people overly rely on hope that things will get better soon rather than taking action

Our approach replaces hope with action. Unlike other advisors:

  • Our conversation will not cease when you inform us that you are “not ready to sell today”; and
  • Our role does not end once a plan is established.

We remain involved in a monitoring and consultative capacity to help you track performance and, as necessary, adjust the exit strategy from time to time to meet unforeseen obstacles or challenges.