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The financial crisis of the past five years has fundamentally and permanently changed the relationship between companies and capital sources.  We have learned that capital without a relationship creates transactions that won't stand up to the unforgiving and relentless cyclical downturns that every growing company eventually faces.

In recognizing that capital is the lifeblood of every growing business, we work as an objective advisor in analyzing the financial needs of our clients. Once our analysis is completed, we assist our clients in raising the capital they require by leveraging our experience and high level contacts within our network of capital providers.

With an intense focus on your objectives and relationship oriented capital solutions, we will:

  • Prepare an analysis of your capital needs and potential solutions
  • Create an effective financing strategy, including determining the appropriate structure and type of financing
  • Prepare compelling and relevant marketing materials
  • Prepare a targeted list of appropriate capital sources
  • Oversee investor or lender due diligence
  • Negotiate the structure and terms so that the financing achieves the agreed-upon objectives

Are you looking for a better approach to funding your business? Try our approach.