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What Our Clients Say

"The team at HighBank was exceptional. They provided senior-level attention through every phase of the transaction. Numerous hurdles to getting the transaction completed by year end arose and HighBank was able to develop and implement solutions on the fly to accommodate all parties. In my view, their deal structuring and negotiating skills are unmatched in the middle market."

Jay Snider
Managing Member of JAYTS, LLC

"The team at HighBank was outstanding. We could not have successfully raised the capital we require to grow our business without their tireless commitment."

Dr. Marvin Vestal
Founder, Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of SimulTOF Systems

"Over the past two years, we have worked exclusively with HighBank on both developing and executing our strategic growth plan. HighBank has provided superior advice including advising on this important acquisition."

Jeff Chandler
President of American Technology Services

"HighBank provided superior advice and guidance throughout the process in a challenging financing market."

Tom Pank
CEO of BaySaver Technologies

"HighBank provided outstanding, high-touch advice throughout the transaction process and was instrumental in achieving a result that exceeded our expectations."

Michael Medrano
CEO of Equivalent Data

"HighBank has provided extremely thorough and real time advice to our board regarding strategic, competitor and industry related issues over the past two years. They have provided valuable insights that we have been able to put into action."

Stuart Gaylor
President and Chief Financial Officer of Al’s Formal Wear

"Under very difficult and trying circumstances that extended for over a year, the team at HighBank was invaluable in addressing the broadest range of critical company issues. I would not hesitate to utilize HighBank again in the future and highly recommend them to any company facing complex company and transactional-related issues."

Kate McFarland
Owner of Array Optronix and Integrated Discrete Devices

"The team at HighBank provided outstanding Board Advisory services. I have worked closely with Steve and his team over the past 8 years on a variety of projects. I would highly recommend HighBank based on their tremendous industry knowledge and service delivery capabilities. They are an outstanding partner of ours."

Tim McNamara
Managing Director and Equity Partner of Boyden Global Executive Search

"HighBank provided a timely, accurate, and a real-world Capital Adequacy Opinion that was instrumental in completing our company and shareholder goals."

Ken Dodson
CEO of Bray & Scarff

"The team at HighBank has provided our company and its shareholders comprehensive valuation services over the past three years. Their approach is detailed and thorough and their ability to communicate at times difficult concepts to a diverse set of shareholders is impressive."

Ken Dodson
CEO of Bray & Scarff

"The team at HighBank worked tirelessly as our equity placement agent. HighBank developed a complex franchisee/franchisor financial model as well as top-notch marketing materials. Their knowledge of the long-term economic and environmental impact resulting from global energy demand was also critical. Our ability to close on our equity round would not have been possible without HighBank's tremendous efforts."

Arjay West

"HighBank’s high-touch, senior-level attention during the deal structuring, negotiating and due diligence stages of the transaction were essential in getting the deal across the finish line."

Ron Georgio
President of Gothic Grounds Management Inc.

"HighBank provided a comprehensive Capital Structure Optimization analysis of my company that far and away exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend their services."

Neil Goldfine
CEO of JENTEK Sensors Inc.

"HighBank delivered outstanding expert services, including complex valuation analyses and focused and straight forward testimony. I highly recommend HighBank’s services in complex financial disputes."

Neil Dilloff
Partner DLA Piper

"HighBank provided a detailed analysis of our business and industry positioning. Moreover, HighBank developed an exit road map that is helping us guide our strategic initiatives in order to maximize value prior to the shareholders exiting the business."

Founder and CEO of Project Prosper

"I have known and worked with Steve's team on a variety of M&A and advisory projects for 15 years. Their experience, professionalism and dedicated client service model have been the key ingredients to their tremendous success."

Craig Ruppert
CEO of Ruppert Companies

"HighBank’s ability to provide a breadth of board advisory services has been instrumental in our growth and value enhancement initiatives. We will continue to utilize HighBank for all of our financial advisory needs and highly recommend them to others."

Helen Shafer
Founder of The Shafer Center

"HighBank provided outstanding advice during a challenging time for my company and the industry as a whole. We received constant senior-level attention that was critical as we navigated very difficult and complex issues on daily basis."

Ron Adolph
CEO of TAC Transport

“We were very impressed with the HighBank team.  They quickly came up to speed on our business and credit requirements and guided us through a successful process.  There was outstanding senior level attention from beginning to end.  We would highly recommend HighBank to others.”

Russell Niller III
President of MQM

"HighBank provided exceptional, value added services on an extremely condensed timeline. HighBank’s involvement was critical to ensure the minority shareholder interests’ were properly represented and protected."

Helen Shafter
CEO of IZI Medical Products

“HighBank worked tirelessly on this complex divestiture. They delivered on their promise of senior-level attention throughout every phase of the transaction right through the closing.  HighBank also achieved an economic result that exceeded our expectations.  I would highly recommend them to my private equity peers."

Mark Sargeant
Principal, Phoenix Equity Partners

“The HighBank team delivered. They quickly came up to speed on our business and developed top-notch marketing materials that generated competitive bidding. HighBank’s commitment to its high-touch service model was also invaluable given the overseas ownership of the asset.”

Graham Philip
Deputy Chairman of Ashtead Technology

“HighBank was exceptional in all aspects of our equity raise.  Their in-depth knowledge of social media and online marketing services was instrumental to our fund raising efforts. In addition, their financial acumen and creative structuring of equity investments are outstanding. We continue to use HighBank today and lean on them regularly for all of our investment banking needs.”

Brian Smith
CEO of BizBrag

“I have worked with the HighBank team on multiple transactions since they formed several years ago.  They again provided senior-level attention on every aspect of this complex Joint Venture.  In my view, HighBank’s deal structuring capabilities and their focus on transactional details are unrivalled in the middle market.”

Tom Pank
CEO of BaySaver Technologies

“It was great working with the HighBank team.  They delivered a wonderful, professionally done final report that provided us the exact guidance we were seeking.  I would highly recommend the firm to others in need of financial advisory services."

Andrew Chayut
Managing Partner, Green Key Resources

“HighBank was extremely diligent and focused in their work for us. Their knowledge of the banking market and negotiating acumen were instrumental in our debt refinancing.”

Michael Grier
Founder, President, and CEO of MOSAIC Technologies Group

“HighBank provided outstanding advice and senior-level attention throughout the transaction process. They are unsurpassed in representing people and service oriented businesses and their ability to structure and negotiate complex deal terms was critical to achieving our desired result.”

Tim McShea
CEO of McShea & Company, Inc.

“We have been working closely with HighBank for several years on our North American sensing systems acquisition strategy. The acquisition of Stellar Technology is an outcome of our work together. Their insight, guidance and execution capabilities have been outstanding. They are an important partner of ours.”

Ed Auslander
CEO of LORD Corporation

"The team at HighBank quickly provided our Board of Directors a comprehensive Fairness Opinion. Their professional approach was detailed and thorough and their ability to communicate issues and requests was instrumental in meeting our condensed timeline.“

Antaine Furlong
CFO of Massive Interactive

“HighBank provided exceptional, high-touch advice throughout a complex corporate carve-out transaction process. They were instrumental in achieving a successful outcome for our shareholders."

Brian Wallace
CEO of Adcor Packaging Group, LLC

"A founder selling their company is bound to encounter challenges but I always felt well protected and supported by the expertise and experience from HighBank.”

Marcia Hart
CEO of Roomtag, LLC

“As both an owner and operator, I relied heavily on the senior level guidance, expertise and efforts of the HighBank team throughout a complex transaction process. Their deep knowledge of the wireless telecommunications industry created a result that far exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend them to others contemplating a sale transaction.”

Ed Humes
President of Tower 16 and SCE

"The HighBank team was beyond wonderful while working within our extremely tight timeframe. Their diligence and communication was reassuring throughout the process and was essential in helping us to find a financing source. We could not have done this without the financial advice and expertise of HighBank.”

Christie Harris
CFO of Henry's Wrecker Services LLC

"HighBank was hands-on throughout the sale process, providing high-touch senior level advice in a complex transaction. Understanding the background screening and human resource market and reaching the potential buyers that could help us achieve our objectives was critical. HighBank played an instrumental role in our successful sale to Accurate Background.”

Heidi and Paul Dent
Owners of Hirease, Inc.

“The professionals at HighBank provided outstanding guidance and senior-level expertise throughout a complex cross-border transaction. I have known the senior principals of HighBank for two decades and they are trusted advisors.”

Prabhat Jain
President of Virginia Transformer Corp

"HighBank provided exceptional, high-touch advice throughout the transaction process. Moreover, their ability to navigate a complex transaction was instrumental in achieving a result that exceeded our expectations. HighBank’s passion and dedication to its clients is outstanding and closely aligns with our core values and we are proud to call them a member of our family."

Duane LeGate
CEO of Commissions, Inc.

"The expertise and guidance HighBank provided will be instrumental in our ability to execute on our aggressive but attainable growth strategy. I look forward to continuing our relationship with HighBank as they have become an invaluable partner to CyberSpa.”

Allen Shay
CEO of CyberSpa LLC

"The HighBank team was tireless in their efforts to help guide us through this process. Their expertise led us to an excellent outcome that will infuse our business with the financial resources needed to grow and continue to provide our customers with the excellent service to which they are accustomed.”

Dennis Adams
CEO and President of Celebrity Limousine Service, Inc.

“This was a highly complex transaction with very unique circumstances. While executing under a condensed timeline, the team at HighBank brought invaluable relationships, insights and execution capabilities in leading the sale process. Any owner or senior management team contemplating an M&A transaction would be well served to partner with HighBank.”

Jacqueline E. Shea, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer of Aeras

"I am excited about this next stage of the BTI and ADS joint venture that was established two years ago and have continued confidence in the growth strategy for Baysaver. Through the evolution of this partnership, I have had the pleasure of working with the HighBank team. On each occasion, they have provided senior-level attention to every aspect of the transaction process. In addition, Stephen Gaines has been an invaluable member of the BaySaver board since the joint venture’s formation."

Tom Pank
CEO of Baysaver Technologies

“HighBank’s expertise and hands-on approach in guiding us through the sale process was instrumental to Earbits finding the right strategic partner. We always felt well-informed throughout the process and are incredibly happy to be a part of You42.”

Joey Flores
CEO of Earbits, Inc.

"HighBank provided critical advice throughout the transaction process. Their passion and dedication to a client-first service model and their ability to pilot a complex transaction were instrumental in us achieving an outstanding result."

Ed Poole
Founder and President of Poole Landscaping, Inc.

"HighBank ran an incredible process and provided insight, advice and counsel throughout the process. The entire team went above and beyond our expectations and enabled us to find the right partner for our continued growth."

Avi Chesed
CEO of

"HighBank ran a very thorough acquisition target search process and provided insight, advice and counsel through the negotiation, diligence and documentation stages. The entire HighBank team went above and beyond our expectations and enabled us to enter this important relationship with the Ellicott City Ambulatory Surgery Center.”

Steve Witman
VP, Business Development/Financial and Capital Planning of LifeBridge Health

"HighBank ran a very thorough acquisition target search process and provided insight, advice and counsel through the negotiation, diligence and documentation stages. The entire HighBank team went above and beyond our expectations and enabled us to enter this important partnership with the SurgiCenter of Baltimore."

Steve Witman
VP, Business Development/Financial and Capital Planning of LifeBridge Health

"The professionals at HighBank demonstrated insights and experience that proved invaluable to the success of our transaction. We received constant senior-level attention that was critical in navigating through emotionally difficult and complex transactional issues.”

John Giannopoulos
Founder and CEO of Geemacher, LLC

"HighBank was an integral part of this transaction, working diligently to guide us through a complex process. Their understanding of the screening sector enabled us to find a partner that provided a strong exit for the investors while offering substantial growth opportunities for the entire team."

Frederic Latreille
President of Garda Background Screening Solutions

"HighBank provided outstanding advice and senior-level attention throughout the transaction process. They were unsurpassed in representing our service oriented businesses. Their ability to structure and negotiate complex deal terms was critical to achieving our desired result."

Chip Boyce
Chairman of Network Media Partners

“HighBank was an integral part of this transaction, working diligently and effectively to guide us through a myriad of complex merger transaction and integration issues. Their negotiating advice led to a transaction structure that achieves our strategic and financial objectives”

Steve Fujikawa
President of Maryland Aerospace, Inc.

“We have known and worked with HighBank for several years and their dedication, professionalism and business acumen are top notch. They guided us through the transaction on an expedited timeline and their investment banking and negotiating skills led to a result which exceeded our expectations.”

Patrick Reilly
President of Reilly Sweeping, Inc.

“The HighBank team provided invaluable insight and worked tirelessly to accomplish a transaction that will prove to be advantageous for both sides. The senior-level attention HighBank provided in navigating through a number of challenging deal issues was instrumental in getting the transaction completed.”

Tim McNamara
Managing Partner of Global Search Associates, LLC

“HighBank Advisors provided outstanding transaction support and identified a buyer that not only strongly matched our values but also proved to be an excellent partner to the Vivabox team. The team at HighBank managed an aggressive timeline and played a critical role in structuring, negotiating and closing a complicated carve-out transaction.”

Gustavo Subiela
Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions of Sodexo

“In addition to precise analytical support, HighBank provided invaluable strategic guidance as our organization navigated challenging business circumstances. The HighBank team was deeply invested in our success."

Elizabeth Burger
Executive Director of Evergreen Health Care

“HighBank continues to provide outstanding investment banking services as well as strategic guidance as Unit Solutions evolves. Their experience was instrumental in completing these financings, including recommending the form and structure of the SAFE investments. We look forward to working with HighBank on our future financings and corporate transactions.”

Jay Snider
Founder, Unit Solutions

"HighBank worked tirelessly over the course of this transaction, helping us find a solution tailored to our needs which will complement our growth initiatives and pave the way to our next phase of expansion. I am excited for Paramount’s continued growth."

Ryan Paul
President and CEO of Paramount Capital Group, Inc.